Doka Village: The house of Weavers fabrics fighters Flores

Minggu, 20 April 2014

 Maumere , on the northern edge of the city which is a separate island of Flores is only 20 kilometers from the edge of the south , traveling on a four-wheel drive to the village of Doka presents a view of the green hills gap is very charming . The trip must be taken down bends the way up the hill into the realm of trees such as petai china , cocoa , copra , pecan , and cashew nuts .

The condition of the road between the north and south in Sikka district known as well as of a thousand palm trees once . However , since the width of the road is narrow and winding the rate of speed the vehicle can not be more than 40 miles per hour . Public transport loaded orange sacks crammed on it occasionally drove over the narrow streets of the village towards Maumere Doka .

Doka village is a village in the Village Ball is known to have a beautiful woven ikat fabric . More remarkable than the natural materials used predominantly around . Doka Village community since the first has a traditional weaving skills with various shades of color . 

Doka village being one example coaching tourist village in Flores . Initially the assistance of tourism is the originator of Java Kornelis ( late) , 1997 Doka village began to squirm . Now since 2010 , Cletus Lopez , son of Kornelis Java , continued to display the village attractions and local knowledge of a village in the mountain behind . Guests who have come here from various countries and witnessed the beauty of fabric weaving .

Lined with houses overlooking a connecting road between villages , Doka village is not so noticeable as other traditional villages . Some are already diffused with the modernity of life in Maumere but persistent communities to life by maintaining ancestral traditions . 

When guests come then the villagers will play a welcome dance , dance traditions , performing the process of making fabric belts , up traditional food dishes and drinks . Doka hospitality village is an attraction not to be missed while you are in Sikka .

Doka village recently revealed from the trails on the island of Flores . Appearance gave a new color on your adventure prior to reap even more charming natural irregularities in Flores , namely : Lake Flores in Moni , Stone Blue or Green Stone on the beach towards Bajawa , removal of seabed fault visible in the hills along the south line of cross Flores , placement of the stone altar in the traditional village Boawae , as well as a variety of unique culture that is still alive in the Snake Island . Cultural attractions are also waiting for his admirers , ranging from reception and dance party at Belaraghi guests to dance in Compang To'e insults . Final visit in the western part of Flores can be enhanced by a visit to the Komodo dragon baby for Flores as well as Indonesia , even the world .

Due to the location of Doka village not too far from the town of Maumere then suggested the choice to stay in Maumere more complete with a variety of facilities and accommodation . Travelers often make a beginning of exploration Maumere on Flores Island . The travelers are not too often left too much time at the starting point of the trip .


In Flores there are many different regional languages ​​, including in Sikka with its own regional language . It does not matter if you go with a guide who knew the language in Sikka but if not then use Indonesian is good and right so that during the ride smoothly without any communication problems .Unlike a few years ago where a stroll along the famous island of Flores is still broken , now cross- Flores made ​​a trip on the vehicle feels more comfortable without having to bounce when sitting in the rear seat . Road quality is very good , although you will still feel the curves of Maumere to Labuan Bajo like never-ending .


In one corner of the venue of the Doka village dances and demonstrations of making ikat cloth , neatly framed in bamboo displaying a colorful woven Doka Village residents . Ikat fabric as wall display where the natural open space reserved for weaving guests who want to examine the process of making fabric belts .Fabric belts are priced ranging from 250,000 - up Rp2.000.000 , - . This of course depends on the type and size of the connective fabric . Trying to bid must not prohibited , even encouraged as a sign of appreciation and your interest in the fabric .


As is tradition in many other villages in Flores , guests who come to a village are usually offered a welcome sign of symbolic offerings such as tobacco or betel and areca . In addition , offering a presentation of a cake made of glutinous rice called lekun and commonly given to a combined wine or liquor from palm or palm tree called gin .Pinang is still a small berukurannya fruit fibers taken under the outer skin will continue to chew so soft . The trick , peel the outer portion with a green betel ataugigi incisors forward bit by bit as if to bite him too in it must be difficult to peel. After a little deep and found the fibers and the fibers collect in the mouth and chew until soft .

Swimming with Jellyfish in Lake Kakaban

For those of you who Hobbies dive may place this one can be used as a reference . Kakaban a truly unique island with thousands of jellyfish in the depths of the lake . The lake is located in Derawan Islands region is much visited by tourists who want to dive right to hold thousands of jellyfish . And you do not have to worry because there are jellyfish in the lake Kakaban guaranteed not to sting or poisonous .

Unique island shaped figure 9 is to the north there is a ring -shaped coral reef and lagoon formed therein which is named after Lake Kakaban locals . It contains brackish water lake inhabited by diverse marine life that have properties and different physical appearance with similar species in the sea

Among them are translucent jellyfish body like a glass plate ( Aurelia aurita ) , a jellyfish the size of the tip of the index finger ( Tripedalia cystophora ) , and jellyfish fist brownish blue ( Martigias Papua ) . In addition to having a distinctive endemic marine life , the island also has a very beautiful coral reefs , bergua - caves and passageways .

So no wonder if the place is a haven for divers . Diving world has known some point dive around Kakaban , the Barracuda Point , The Drift , Cabbage Patch , The Wall , Blue Light Cave , The Plateau , Rainbow Run , Diver 's Delight and The North Face .

It took 45 minutes from Derawan Kakaban to use the boat with rental costs around Rp 300 thousand . Uniquely, the lake contains jellyfish turns out there are only two in the world . Another one is on the island of Palau, Micronesia Islands . Lake Kakaban that he was already two million this year to the World Heritage Area .

6 most mysterious cave in Indonesia

Kamis, 20 Februari 2014

Indonesia is blessed not only with a beautiful caves. There are also several caves with strange and unique, even the mysterious story that enveloped him. Prove own magic.
This is the 6 most mysterious cave in Indonesia: 


1. Kontilola cave, Papua
Kontilola cave located in Wamena, Papua. Access to the cave is still difficult, because it was a remote cave in around the Baliem Valley. The cave is inhabited by thousands of bats tub royal palace. In addition, many paintings and strange humanoid alien face plastered on the walls of caves. That said, the odd painting is not made by humans. Caves Kontilola still save a million mysteries beyond reason unsolved. Especially no one has been able to answer from where the paintings were until now. 

2. Caves Pettae Kere, South Sulawesi
Pettae Kere caves or more popular with Leang-Leang Cave has many paintings palm of a human hand and a pig deer mysterious traveler who can see clearly on the wall of the cave. The painting is thought to be 5,000 years old. Van Heeren Heekeren and Palm, Dutch archaeologist is caving in 1950 and many find evidence of past life. This cave is located in Maros, South Sulawesi. Apparently since prehistoric times, this cave as a shelter the people of that era. 

3. Wasp-Gua Gua Gong, East Java
When all the president's hometown in Pacitan, East Java, shall enter the Cave and Cave Gong wasps in the itinerary. The traveler will be amazed by the limestone stalactites and stalagmites that pose a melodious voice and Javanese gamelan tub can be sounded in accordance with the order of scales.
There every day of the artists gathered creating melodious music to the visitors. Travelers have to go through hundreds of steps before enjoying the content of the deepest caves. Wasp cave in the village of leafhoppers and Gong Cave in Bomo village in District Punung, Pacitan. 

4. Liang cave Kobori, Southeast Sulawesi
The cave is located in the village of Liang Kobori Mabolu, Muna, Southeast Sulawesi. The cave is composed of rocks black-colored stalactites and stalagmites. Inside the cave, the traveler can see 130 paintings antique picture tribe lives Muna since prehistoric times.
Allegedly the painting has existed since 4,000 years ago. When crossing the cave, the traveler would see a picture of some parts Muna livelihood for survival at that time. So cool! 

5. Batu Caves Mirror, East Nusa Tenggara Labuan Bajo in the province, has a unique cave where the traveler can reflect on the stalactites and stalagmites found in the cave, Batu Caves Mirror name. This cave is located on the east side of the Port of Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai, NTT. This cave apparently has not touched many travelers. This cave was found a Dutch archaeologist named Theodore Verhoven, 1951. Actually there is no mirror mounted on the wall of the cave. It's just that there is a tunnel that is perforated. If the daytime sunlight reflected by causing the mirror-like reflection. 

6. Caves Japan, Papua
In addition Kontilola Cave, the story of a mysterious cave that any mystical coloring Japanese Cave in Biak, Papua. The cave became a refuge 6,000 Japanese soldiers during World War II. In this cave complex there are also several forts are still intact and can also trace the traveler. There are also remnants of war rusty tools scattered on the ground. However, in 1944, the cave was bombed pleh Allied forces led by General Douglas MacArthur. In this cave as well, there are rumors that 6,000 Japanese soldiers buried alive for granted. 

That's 6 most mysterious cave in Indonesia. Which one do you want to visit ? :D


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